• Career advice.
  • Contract negotiations and renegotiations. We negotiate our client’s contracts after discussing every single detail with them, making sure their best interests is our first priority.
  • Finding the right club for our clients. We have a good relationship with clubs throughout the world. This allows us to find the right club for our clients.
  • Our client’s images (marketing and public relations, broadcasting and speaking opportunities). We are committed to managing our client’s image in a way that maximises their earning possibilities.
  • Commercial deals (Endorsements, advertising and sponsorship). We always make sure that our clients are never left out, when it comes to commercial deals. The aim is to increase their income by using our contacts through social media, Tv and radio, newspapers and magazines etc... we have a very professional relationship with all the major brands. This allows us to negotiate the best endorsements and sponsorship deals for our clients.
  • Management and services. We look after every daily needs of our clients so that they can fully concentrate on their performance on the pitch. We help them with all aspects of their life from housing, cars purchase, insurance services, relocation, banking, investments, schools and healthcare for their families, pensions and tax assessments etc...
  • Assistance in club placement and career planning
  • Appointments and diaries managements
  • Assistance with legal and financial matters
  • Media training, image management and media and public relations.


We have a dedicated team of professional scouts, agents and support staff who work throughout the UK, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, sourcing opportunities for talented footballers.


2 Hale Court
Willowtree Road
WA14 2EA.